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  • How often do I need an eye examination?
    An eye examination is required once every two years. If however you have systemic diseases e.g.: Diabetes or hypertension or e.g.; Glaucoma, your eyes need to be examined more frequently.
  • I can't read small print. Can I buy over the counter ready glasses?
    Usually from the age of 40 near vision deteriorates due to a condition known as presbyopia. A detailed eye examination is necessary to determine that health of your eyes are fine before purchasing reading glasses. Readymade readers do not take into account the different refractive errors in each eye and also does not correct for astigmatism.
  • I can see clearly but want to change my eye colour with contact lenses, can I buy a box of Lenses?
    No, A detailed eye examination is required before buying any contact lens, even if your eyesight is good and regular eye examinations are necessary when wearing contact lenses.
  • Even if the eyes feel fine, do I still need to come in for an examination every 2 years?
    Yes, the optometrist not only does an eye examination but also screens for glaucoma, cataracts etc. in your eyes.
  • Is an eye test painful?

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